Hyperbaric Medicine and PRP Therapy


PRP and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) both stimulate healing, however, the mix of the two have a powerful synergistic effect. HBOT exponentially increases the number of stem cells in blood circulation while injected PRP pulls and delivers these stem cells to injured areas. This state-of-the-art blend of corrective cellular therapies hastens the healing reaction, leading to a more efficient and comprehensive restoration of tissue to a healthy state that's sustained for the long run. HBOT with PRP can also relieve the sore sensation that individuals occasionally experience with PRP treatment. Below are protocols for combining HBOT with PRP therapy.


Hyperbaric Medical Solutions with Dr. Pradeep Albert of Medical Arts Radiology have created a one-of-a-kind protocol for the optimal delivery of PRP. The unique process of sandwiching PRP injections, in many instances done under ultrasound guidance, around HBOT treatments, is a cutting-edge approach .

Each patient receives a formal evaluation and diagnostic workup for both PRP and HBOT. In this process, an individual treatment plan is determined, and all risks and benefits are addressed with the patient. The protocol generally consists of 3 rounds of HBOT + PRP + HBOT, but may vary based on injury or condition and its duration and severity.

Therapy Roadmap

3 Rounds, 4 weeks apart of the following:

• Day 1: HBOT Session
• Day 2: 1 PRP Injection Under Ultrasound
• Day 3: 1 HBOT Session ( can alternatively take place Day 2, following PRP )

Total Appointments:

• 1 PRP Consultation and Evaluation
• 1 HBOT Consultation and Clearance
• 3 PRP Injections ( one every four weeks )
• 6 HBOT Sessions ( two every four weeks: 1 before and 1 after PRP injection )


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