"Continuous pain in my elbow was seriously hindering my favorite past-time. After receiving a few PRP treatments, my pain eased tremendously. And I stopped losing to my father!"


“ I suffer every single day during the spring and summer seasons because of my pain. I am allergic to mold spores, pollen, ragweed and everything under the sun. In turn, this inflames my entire body and I can barely walk because the pain is so bad. I wake up automatically in the middle of the night with overwhelming pain. I would usually take a painkiller or two but that started to hurt my stomach. In the end my friends recommended PRP and boy, what a difference! I NEVER felt any better then after my 2nd treatment and I haven't needed to go back for almost a year now. Thank you, doctor. You're a life saver! ”


I kept hearing about this newly innovated treatment that everyone is raving about called PRP. Since I have had multiple issues in the past with chronic pain and I was tired of taking those painkillers, I figured why not give it a shot. In the beginning I was a little concerned because the pain wasn't going away after the initial treatment, then I found out from my doctor that it takes time. About 3 weeks later it seemed everything started working like clockwork. The pain was gone and I was back to my merry little self again.


“ I had multiple issues with my back and neck ever since my 2nd pregnancy. I had surgery and multiple cortisone shots but nothing could help me. Finally one of my friends recommended I try PRP therapy. I heard mixed things but figured, I tried everything else why not try this. To make a long story short PRP treatment was the best decision I ever made, sure it hurt a little but in the end my back problems were completely fixed and I have never felt better. "