There are a variety of ways to resurface the skin including chemically with peels, mechanically with dermabrasion/microdermabrasion, and by using heat/light energy with laser technologies.

In my practice, I typically prefer to resurface full face and necks using lasers, usually the CO2 laser. Immediately after the procedure, I apply the PRP topically and allow time for it to settle in the resurfaced skin, usually about 10 min. I strongly feel that this is a nice way to not only speed up the recovery time, but also augment the skins natural radiance.

Laser, then filler? Or Filler, then Laser?

In my mind, it makes sense to rejuvenate the skin first with laser and then, sometime later, use fillers to replace the volume loss.  You could argue that lasers should not affect the filler, especially if the filler is placed in the subcutaneous /deep dermal layer where lasers typically used for skin resurfacing shouldn’t penetrate, But I still feel that there could be some denaturing of HA bonds if they are incorporated into the collateral damage of the laser. You could counter argue that the laser “trauma” could stimulate or activate more chemotactic messengers from the PRP promoting additional wound healing effects, but again I worry that this may negatively affect the final outcome. More research needs to be done here.