The clear advantage here is that we are using the patient’s own blood in order to fill areas of volume loss. Other synthetic materials, like hyaluronic acid fillers, work very well at this and are very safe, but it is nice to be able to have an autogolous material option, especially for the patients that desire purely natural alternatives to aesthetics and anti-aging. Since we use the patient’s own blood, there is zero chance of an allergic reaction. The importance of this is nicely illustrated in bovine collagen-based fillers, which require a skin test prior to application. Historically fillers were made of this xenographic material until hyaluronic fillers dominated the market. Of importance to note though is that currently, a “permanent filler” option that lasts up to 5 years does have bovine collagen, so skin/allergy testing prior to administration is paramount.  Again, PRP naturally avoids this allergic risk, although it appears to last anywhere from 6 months to some claim 2 years.